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Sangmin Lee
Partner/ Founder of Beantree 200 25


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Sangmin Lee gives free education and mentoring to help the employment and business startup of neglected adolescents, North Korean defectors, and single mothers. He has also been supporting youth startup for 5 years by holding a CCC Startup Competition to create sound jobs for youths in their 20s

Sangmin Lee graduated from Hanyang University, obtained his MBA degree from Sogang University, and was the CEO of Scofield Co., Ltd., Underwood Co., Ltd., and Underwood Construction Co., Ltd. in E-Land Group. To contribute to a dream and value of making a sustainable healthy society, he left his existing life and job he was familiar with and started a new challenge, establishing an IT company and product development company. He is the founder and the current CEO of Roasting Factory Co., Ltd. And Beantree Co., Ltd.