joel ko

Joel Ko Hyun Sik
Co-founder and Group CEO of 10K


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Joel aims to invest and incubate 10,000 ideas across 50 Asian countries within 8 years through each 10K (venture builder) and Marvelstone (financial platform) which he co-founded in order to bring sustainable and beneficial development into emerging markets.

As the CEO of 10K and a Managing Partner of Marvelstone, with specialty in PE/VC investment, cross-border business development and M&A, he develops various businesses and maintains relationships with portfolio companies and investors.

Previously, he was the CEO/Head of Venture Capital of Yozma Group Asia, in charge of leading investments across the Asian markets and building relationships with LPs. Before that, having its base in Singapore, he was the Co-Founder/Managing Director at One Asia Investment Partners and led various investments. Also, he was the CEO of MVG Group, where he advised companies on strategies.

He is also an author of Korean best seller entrepreneurship book ‘Beyond Startup’. He has been an enthusiastic speaker on entrepreneurship in various conferences such as Fintech Asia Forum and a mentor of global accelerator program such as DBS HotSpot in Singapore.