jen fi chang

Jen Fi Chang
Partner/ Co-founder of Reedz Cafe


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Entrepreneurship has always been his ambition. Jen Fi is the co-owners of Reedz Café with its humble beginning at 2007. From an initial investment of $20,000 he has manage to expand and grow this business to chain of cafes located across Singapore. Always looking for an opportunity, Jen Fi started his very first café outlet while he was still a student in NUS. He believes that the right goal is to minimize excess and always invest back the profits into the business. Hence, Reedz Café grew from a humble one café to the chain of cafes today’s without any additional investor investments.

Jen Fi is from Malaysia and he came to Singapore for his university education in 2004. He graduated in 2008 from National University of Singapore, with a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) - specialization in the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry. He completed his engineering internship at Sembcorp Marine, one of the two rig builders operating in Singapore. Taking a bold step after graduation, he embarked on a different career route and chooses entrepreneurship instead of an corporate career track.

Fluent in 6 spoken languages, Jen Fi used this ability to build a strong team of café staff with various ethnic and nationality background. While he continues to expand Reedz, Jen Fi is also focused on adding additional value to the company. Just like how his first café started, Jen Fi believes in searching and not waiting for the next opportunities.