Headquartered in Singapore, 10K was established by 3 passionate, innovative, and creative entrepreneurs (Joel,Joe and Gina) in early 2015 as a venture builder and startup tech platform. Now this company is taking a leap to turn its small steps into big steps with more than 100 partners (colleagues, employees, mentors, advisors and startups). Originally, 10K started with a series of following questions:

"Why not change the world?"

"What if we can build an effective and useful startup platform for young Asian entrepreneurs?"

"Then how much social and economic impact will it bring to our emerging Asian communities?"

"How many startups do we need to foster and promote to impact them enough?"

There should be at least 10,000 startups


10K acts in a combination of tech, space and coffee! We aim to create a multi-faceted ecosystem catered to entrepreneurs and creators, both in terms of a physical space and contents. 10K functions on a two-pronged business model, which includes:

Growth through acquisition as a venture builder


We have identified and secured companies in the area of technology, space, and even coffee brand that have synergy and high potential for achieving our purpose across the Asian region. Our focus is to build an ‘O2O platform for mobile work and living’. 10K develops proprietary internal software that will manage the development and operations of business. A total of 40 coffee brands and co-working spaces are under its umbrella in Singapore and Korea, which is expanding its presence into Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and China.

Growth with startup ecosystem as a tech platform


We develop dynamic and collaborative working and residential communities that appeal to the growing creative and entrepreneurial workforce.

In addition to well-curated spaces, we provide business services, media contents, events, and technologies to connect our members in the ecosystem together and to leverage on each other’s strengths to build better businesses and products.

Key components and its combination in 10K


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Head Office Singapore

8 Eu Tong Sen Street, #19-88 The Central, Singapore 059818
Tel. +65 6635 8128