We aim to become #1 Smart City Innovator that builds and invests in 10,000 innovations that bring Smart Changes to Asian cities.

With this vision, 10K develops not only related technology but also unique platforms by building spaces or coffee brands. 10K plans to realize 10,000 innovations through its creative and flexible strategy to deliver smart and sustainable solutions to cities. Starting in Asia as a focus, it has been expanding its presence throughout entire Asia with Singapore as the main base.

What We Do

Growth as a company developer

We have identified and secured companies in the area of technology, energy, healthcare, education and even coffee brands(retail) that have synergy and high potential for achieving our purpose across the Asian region. A total of 40 coffee places and co-working spaces are under its umbrella in Singapore and Korea, which is expanding its presence into other Asian regions.

Growth with startup ecosystem as a tech platform

We actively partner with other accelerator programs, private institutions and government organizations around the world with their own specialties. These partnerships allow us to leverage on networks that we currently have no access to. Also, we build and provide collaborative working and residential communities to the growing creative and entrepreneurial workforce.

Acceleration Program

Through our Acceleration Program, we will be accelerating high potential smart city companies across Asia with on-the-ground accelerator partners and programs.

In Asia there is a demand for resources from entrepreneurs and specifically for accelerator program, where demand outstrip supply. Limits on their growth include the pool of high quality mentors, opportunities for acquisition by large companies or stock market floatation and competition for startup talent with other careers.

10K identifies the problem and offers an Asian centric acceleration program as a solution. The program offers an opportunity to work in a community of likeminded entrepreneurs, as well as the time to focus on developing their product efficiently.